September 30, 2008

Coming Home...

Music | Flashback by Fred Anderson

The new beginning starts a little earlier than anticipated. I found an amazing face last week and will be shooting her tomorrow (actually, later today). I had decided since she sings, dances and writes, she belongs in my slowly growing artists series that I pushed earlier this year. So along with the 5D and 100 f:2, I'll be shooting some 4x5 film, which I need to have on hand to start to process film here at my darkroom-less home. I've accumulated pretty much everything I need to do so, so having film to actually practice on will be good.

I was reading on a forum how one photographer noticed that all the images he had framed and presented on the walls of his studio had all been photographed with film, processed and printed with his own hands. He knew he had taken photographs just as inspiring with his digital camera, printed with his ink jet printer, but thought that maybe because he worked, sweated and toiled with his analog techniques, those images to him were more about him than the digital counterpart.

Just before starting to write this entry, I was prepping for tomorrows shoot. I pulled out my film changing bag, loaded up some holders and felt a connection all ready to tomorrow. My hands are all ready in the process... I'm recognizing how much more involved I am for an event that is going to take place not for another 11 hours. I also know that after my shoot, I won't see results until I take the plunge and do what I haven't done in close to 10 years. Not just process film, but process 4x5 film which I've never done for myself. I hope I'm met with a warm welcome!

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