March 05, 2009


Music | Come Sunday by Charles Lloyd

The are places like these in all of our neighborhoods... Place you drive by, never notice or if you do, you mark it as a place to go, but don't... Suddenly, the months turn to years and then, 5 years and then 7...

Tony of Patty Daddy fame suggested we finally hit Slims in downtown St. Johns. I've lived not more than a mile away from year for 7 years. Tony, even more... I had my expectations of the place, but was pleasantly surprised by the interior...

The menu here is typical tavern food though the sign out front says restaurant. There was no wait, but we had a great bartender server. She kept the drinks full and was attentive. I had a very good basic hamburger and fries with a coke and Tony had the Bleu Burger, which he said he was very happy with.

We've got a few other place to visit on the St Johns strip and if they are like Slims, there will be lots of other place to have a decent burger!

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Rod said...

Place looks very warm and friendly. Food looks highly cardiovascular threatening.

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