March 23, 2009

Sherry, by 4x5

Music | Agua by Jose Padilla

So I'm really happy with the image of Sherry here... I'm just figuring I need to be much more selective and have more of a keen sense as to when to press the shutter to release. Other issues I was having was in the scanning process and I'm finding there really isn't this 4x5 monster I thought I was having a battle with. Frankly, with 4x5, I'm shooting much less that I would with the digital slr and I need to slow not only my physical pace, but my mental one as well.

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Kent said...

We met at the PPF last week.I'm Ray's friend from KS. I struggle with large format portraiture too but I can't not do it. Keep working with your muse because it's working. This is a very powerful, revealing image. Take your time studying the ground glass and planning your image. You are getting there.

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