July 22, 2009

At the Café

Music | White Flag by Dido

She slouches a little, but is so engaged that she is letting her passion of what she speaks of come thru her body, ever more creeping up to the edge of the table. Her eyes are focused and intent. Everything about her says wall flower, down to her brown flats and ruffled brown skirt just above her ankles. She wears a green cardigan sweater covering up a non matching blue and white striped shirt. She reminds me of photos of my Mom that were taken in the 50's. I can't hear the conversation, but it looks of acedemic subject matter. Besides her is a green over the shoulder bag and a book that is 3 inches thick with a pink book marker towards the end. As she and her gentleman talk, her macbook sits in front of her, but closed. Note pad and pen all within reach... Pictures are drawn, ideas being conveyed... I am piqued...

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