May 08, 2010

Reaping the Fruits of My Labor...

Music | The Fire by Imogen Heap

I've survived the waiting game. Later in that evening, I processed my negs, put each one on the scanner to get a quick overview, good or bad and move on... I didn't do too bad this time. I'm only more excited and passioned to move forward.

I feel more of a purest than not when it comes to my photography. I'm surprised that I am not too disheartened about the fact that I scan my images and print them on my ink jet printer. Yes, I very much do miss being in the darkroom and printing on Agfa Portriga and Ilford Gallerie papers. However, I'm not fighting the fact I no longer have my enlarger and the space to have a darkroom. If I had the chance to have one, I'm not sure I'd take it. Am I less of a purest?

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Kent said...

The tonality here is sumptuous and the selective focus is very well utilized. In short, Bravo!

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