June 06, 2010

Re-Acquainting with Time

Music | Nature Boy by John Coltrane

The closer I get to starting the Wet Plate Process, the more painful it is that I am not creating in the Wet Plate Process... I am very close and just need a few more important things I didn't know I had to have.

In the mean time, I've been processing rolls of 2 1/4 film that I've shot thru a 1951 Rolleiflex camera. Yes, more film along with the recent 4x5 I've been shooting as well. I have to say I am enjoying being down in the basement, mixing up chemicals, measuring out xtol, fixer... I'm sure as I get a little more organized, I won't even mind the scanning process.

I am getting so much more fulfillment in what I've been shooting lately, even if it is a quick shot in between conversations in a café or hanging out with a friend in the backyard. Time slows down again and I like that...

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