June 29, 2010

What Used Yo Be, Just Isn't So Anymore...

Music | Sudden Intake by The Black Dog

So as I move forward with the Wet Plate Collodion, I'm finding that my flaws are not as acceptable as they used to be. Other than merely capturing an image on the plate, I now want to at least have the knowledge in my head upon how to achieve the "almost" flawless plate. I still love the unpredictable nature of this medium, but seeing what others have accomplished, I know I'm not even close. This is a true test of my patience...

Earlier this week, Sherry came by and spent a few hours at the new North Light Studio. I'm getting to know the light better here and am noticing some of its nuances. So long as the wind doesn't pick up too much, I think I will get some great images over the upcoming summer months.

After finding that my red filter for the window in the garage is not up to optimum specs and finding my plates fogged, my new problem has been the random black lines that appear on the plate. This was driving me absolutely insane as I was trying to find the issue on the run... It wasn't til a day later and getting counsel from the ever helpful forum for Collodion that at least the issue was identified.

Yesterday, a model from the San Francisco area came to town and sat for me. I think is was good that I was working with a total stranger. Not only in terms of collaborating, but the fact that I didn't want to come off as a total idiot. I felt by the time we met much more confident in the Wet Plate Process and that I wouldn't make the same mistakes and have the issues I had before.

Well, as you can tell, I did have another issue come up, but I think it lies similar to the issue I had with the black lines... My next approach will be to have more Silver Nitrate on hand and use a tank as opposed to a tray.

There are so many things in this process that takes a lot of finesse and skill in order to come up with the perfect plate. I feel like at the moment, I'm just floating along and moving as the process takes me. I know where some of my attention needs to be, but the unknown areas are what I know I have to work thru to learn and find.

I have no choice other than to be patient and move...

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