July 16, 2010

A Good Day...

Music | Black Hole Sun by The Section Quartet

I love this process. I love that there are no guarantees. I love when after you put in the time to figure out problems, new ones come up. I love that it is both forgiving and rancorous, but always fair. I get up in the morning and feel excitement. I go thru my head in advance, all the things I need to accomplish to make today worth remembering in the future. But there is no doubt I will have artifacts, good or bad from the days adventure.

Today was a good day. Knowing I was working with Jen, I knew I was all ready ahead of the bell curve. She was someone I did not have to worry about. My feelings at the end of the day would be of my responsibility alone. After almost 2 weeks of being inactive, I was newly prepared for another go around with the Wet Plate. This time, I solved my fogging issues with a nice bright safe light I found off Craigs List. Those silly entrance lines of the Silver Nitrate bath would also be gone, with the use of my Silver Nitrate Tank I built earlier. I couldn't use it initially because I didn't have enough of the bath to cover the entire plate.

I can see and feel that every time I come out to shoot, I'm a bit closer... With the help of my Wet Plate Brothers and Sisters on the internet, I know I'm getting better.

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