September 16, 2010


Music | Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

I've tried to go at it alone and learn on the run... There is great satisfaction of finding solutions to problems yourself. But as my inconsistencies with my wet plates grew to great displeasure, I knew it was time to call in for help. My good friend Ray Bidegain has again come to recalibrate my head to bring some sanity to my mind.

After some great conversation over one of my ever improving lattés, we went to my work space so I could show him my set up. As I had initially thought, my issues were in the processing stages. Immediately, Ray picked up on some problems that I was having, diagnosing and coming up with obvious and simple solutions. Having a second set of eyes and another more experienced brain makes a huge difference. I saw immediately no streaks or drip marks on the first plate. We only needed to do a total of 3 plates where I think I can achieve a much higher level of plates.

This specific plate has been doctored up a bit, because of and snakey mark and dust... but there are no strange dip marks or pour stains... I'm a happy boy...

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