September 15, 2010

Practice, Scream, Practice, Scream - Scream

Music | All Through by OOO

Times like yesterday afternoon, when not a single plate photographed was really worth saving, makes me want to scream. It is apparent that I need tutoring at this point because after 3 months, I've come no where near a perfect plate and when curve balls are thrown at me, I'm not sure how to counter. This is where history and knowledge beyond the techniques come in handy. I haven't learned yet what I need to know. I can go thru the motions, but that's it...

I tried using my espresso maker the other day. Haphazardly put in some espresso, water and let her go. Out comes a very good cup of café. Next, a latté... Not bad! I was never taught how to make the proper espresso. I went through the motions, but still know nothing more than when I first got the machine. After a few days and a lot of practice, I've become pretty good. My latte is tasty and I'm happy with what I've created.

Zen and the art of creating takes knowledge, practice and more practice. I just wish my wet plates came out a good as my latté...

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