May 02, 2011

World Wet Plate Day

Music | Cloud Nice by Ben Howard

World Wet Plate Day, a day to celebrate the life of Frederick Scott Archer, the creator of the Wet Plate Collodion Process. Just as I did last year, I again decided to be a part of the shooters using the old technique to honor the master. I also planned and thought of this day weeks in advance. I had a plan B of shooting in a studio in the event the weather was bad, which we've had quite a bit of. My chemicals and plates were all at the ready. I even had 3 models I thought I'd be able to photograph. Turns out only one showed, but we managed to make some fantastic plates. Ayme turned out to be wonderful. Hopefully a regular muse as you can see why...

This has only been the 2nd time I've shot Wet Plates this year. Rain and cold has just put a damper on trying to go at it. My outdoor studio still utilizing a wonderful soft north light, still has no roof, there is only waiting that can be done.

My second season of shooting Wet Plates has me very excited. I still know I have a lot of improvement to achieve, but I feel I'm going in the right direction.

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