June 09, 2011

Getting Schooled...

Music | Koyal by Nitin Sawhney

Really disappointed, like last year, Portland's summer seems to be getting another late start. Because the studio is outdoors, I have hardly gotten anything done for the first part of 2011. However, seems like we are getting a bit more consistent on the non rainy days and temps hovering more in the 60º+ range.

Other good news is that the other day, I was able to shoot my first 8x10 plate. As soon as it is varnished, I'll have to post it. I've been collaborating with Brandon Fernandez recently who also has an out door studio with a massive 8x10 studio camera. We ended up doing some quick tests of each other, so I also have a nice new plate portrait of myself, which I'll also post.

Yesterday, both Brandon and I got schooled with regards to some studio lighting. We were able to find out that his 4800 Speedotron studio pack has enough juice to properly expose a plate, with beautiful results! He also has a very affordable cfl light bank that enables exposures of 4 seconds at f:5.6 with a nice range of flexibility as well. This opens up huge possibilities regarding the ability to creating Wet Plate Collodion Plates. No longer are we limited to shooting in optimal conditions outside during specific times of the day, we can shoot in the studio at midnight if we wanted!



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