August 15, 2011

The Things that Make a Good Person... Be Honest, Humble and Patient

Music | Do I Love You because You are Beautiful by John Coltrane

The process keeps you honest. You have no choice but to be humble. Never have the attitude that things will go well, because soon, something will bite you on the ass and bring you back to reality. I've heard this story from others, and now I know and respect that sage opinion. Only patience will keep you sane and allow you to maybe figure out your problem.

I had to have my friend Brandon over, look over my issues and make quick recommendations. Could have been bad collodion, a lens where the flash did not sync along with other smaller issues. I worked with the extreme problems first and did a few quick tests. By the time Cain, my model came over, I was a little more confident I'd get a nice plate or 2.

This is what I love about Collodion. No fix all button, nothing to save your ass but your own devices, or friends in this case. As I shoot more, I'll hope to have the necessary knowledge to figure out issues that may arise. No matter how much you try and control your process, things will change and the process will need adjustment.

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