August 10, 2011

True Satisfaction...

Music : Undenied by Portishead

Last few days, I've been going back and forth with Analogue and Digital. I mean, I shot some Collodion and shot some digital and at the moment, processing out images from a digital shoot I did last Saturday. I've been shooting analoque on a professional basis for about 15 years, not counting my foray in Wet Plates, and now, surprisingly, 11 years in digital. I just thought of this fact and I am amazed at how close the gap has become. I feel like I'm proficient at shooting digital, where I can pretty much get a nice exposed image with good contrast, depth, composition... What I end up missing at the moment of exposure, I can do some tweaking in post. I am not of the school of doing this intentionally, but stuff happens and if I have tools to fix issues, I can and will...

I also know I'm not proficient at shooting Collodion. I get caught in a mix of variables and often put myself in a maze where nothing makes sense. My first day of shooting this week, after over 2 months of not shooting any Collodion, I had to have Brandon come over to put me on the right track. The process is frustrating, humiliating and often times stressful. However, when that intended image comes up ghostly in manner while sitting in the fixer, slowly exposing its final image from the depths of blue, the moment is magical. I felt this while making black and white images from film in the dark room. The satisfaction is immeasurable.

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