May 30, 2012

Music | Fidelity by Regina Spektor

Less than a week to go before I have to turn all the pieces to Sesso. As time thins, my actions will become more acute and I'll see where I stand. I've got one more shoot planned for tomorrow and I've been feeling good at what I've accomplished.

Not only has there been a lot of photography, I managed to get back my, domain, as well as getting I also got some nice little moo cards to hand out during the show. I'll have to work on getting that website up, which will consist of a simple gallery of pertinent images, ready to sell as well.

Upon picking up some mats for the plates, I asked the gallery owner where the frames shop was, what I would need to do to submit work for a possible show. Turns out she had all ready thought about it and offered me a solo show next year, but also a shared show with another photographer in July... I'm not sure if I can get together more frames and mats for July, but that is something I'll be looking into in the next few days.

More updates forthcoming...

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