May 11, 2012


Music | Lets Go by Frou Frou

As the music title states, Lets Go! Through a variety of happenstance, luck, good people looking out for me, I got the opportunity to have my first solo exhibition. Club Sesso, a unique nightclub here in Portland follows the 1st Thursday tradition of hosting an opening of new art work in their lavish space. Apparently, the original artists had some difficulty and wouldn't be able to show his work. With only 1 month notice, my name came up coinciding with the sudden new opportunity. Julie, a model who came thru the studio in February to be photographed had been showing off some of my work that we created together. Along with my website, key members of the gallery committee at Club Sesso, I was offered the month of June to show my work...

To make things even more difficult, I decided to shoot all new work within the month of May, with all of the work based on Wet Plate Collodion. Though I have a vast archive of digital erotic photography, I didn't want to waste this opportunity to show what I am now passionate about. I need to come up with 20 pieces by the end of the month. I'm happy to say I've gotten off to a good start with 3 images in the box. Both plates and prints will be shown.

The hardest part I can all ready tell is keeping the new images under wraps until the exhibition opens. Only a few number of people will be getting peaks at the work, and no one will see them in their entirety until the show is hanging.

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