November 09, 2012

more Facebook, less...

Music | Freedom Suite Part 4 (Live) by David S Ware

9 days and not even counting since a self imposed hiatus from Facebook. An experiment mostly, I wanted to see if I noticed any nuance of change of my daily routine. One big thing is that I am hardly on the computer as much. Though this week I have mostly been assisting on another photo shoot, even while at home, I'm not in front of the screen going over the mundane aspects of many peoples lives... Nice to know I don't really care or feel like I have to have the facebook time leaching I honestly thought I would have.

I do miss some of the communities I am a part of. My Wet Plate Brethren has probably been the most missed, though I am not too affected as I can keep up with latest projects they are working on from other venues, like their blogss or accounts on Tumbler and such.

Statigram, Twitter and Tumbler have made up for my FacelessBook, but doesn't take up as much time. I'm in and out much faster and getting the feed I feel I need.

... more to come...

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