October 31, 2012

Faceless Book

Music | Right by Your Side by James Morrison

This article has hit a note with me that I have been thinking of on the outskirts of my own mind...

The Death of Downtime

I've also noticed how people, myself included are hardly ever in abeyance. At the bus stop, the most anyone would be doing would be reading a book while waiting, or listening to music. Now, everyone has their nose stuck in their phones... Do we ever see a bird fly by, or a poetic bag blowing in the wind?

As the article says, which I really highly recommend the short read, our "in between time" is lost. Our minds don't get that space to be filled by our environment or even our own brain wave travel. Like word assosiation, we need to have experience association where we give ourselves time to let our present state of nothingness carry us somewhere not structured by what we read on facebook, text messages, twitter, etc...

I know myself well enough to know I can't go cold turkey and turn everything off... However, I have decided to run an experiment to see if I can notice the subtle differences my life takes if I put my facebook account on deactivate mode for the entire month of November. I'm shutting it down and won't be able to access what has been for the past several years, my lame lifeline to my world. I want my downtime to be mine and see where it takes me. I'm honestly doubtful I will last a month. Here is hoping for a self stimulating, internally intensive time of rebirth...

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