April 22, 2013


Music | Little Bird by Imogen Heap

It happens on occasion... Not often enough... It's when stars align and everything just falls into place. Of course, it is not without effort that this can occur. You want all your shoots to turn out this way, but for whatever reason, only once in awhile does it happen. So you imagine in your minds eye what the photo will look like and when the plate is prepared, the exposure ends, the plate is developed and then fixed, as the image appears, the reality of the image is better than your imagined perfect plate...

I officially met Erik a few weeks ago. I had put together an event where a few photographers got together to shoot analogue. A few of us met face to face to show our prints of what we had shot. We knew of each other via a community forum we both are members of. His exterior facade is very intense and I knew I wanted to capture that.

I've said before that most of my sessions are collaborative. I set up a frame and let my subjects work within it. I may suggest a turn here or there, but I don't lean on an idea and try to force an issue. Erik just fell into place.

2012-04-22 Erik

So not only was the perfection carried out with my subject, but technically, I adore the light. The symmetry of highlights and shadows here are perfect to me. I've got detail everywhere! And the Petzval lens I am loving more and more! The fall off from the eyes to everywhere else is as creamy as the light.

This is why I love what I do... It is this particular feeling I get where I have conquered my own world...

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