May 05, 2013

Sharing with the Past...

Music | Naima by John Coltrane

The other day, I got to spend some time with my past... I'd say close to 25 years ago was when I may have last hung out with Tamara Staples in her old loft space in Bucktown. I remember doing a portrait of her while she was making these extraordinary hats. As she is now, she has a spirit that is free and carries on much in the same way from what I remember. More responsibilities, a different life, sadness for me of the lost southern drawl, she is a woman of Brooklyn, NY. It was refreshing to me that I was able to hang out with her for a few hours, take her portrait again and talk of the past, talk of now and of art.

circa maybe 1987. The Hat Maker

2013. Tamara Staples

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Anonymous said...

What a tremendous before and after! Says so much about the author and the subject - two stories crossing.

Great work Ted - then and now!


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