May 31, 2013


Music | Real Life )Evolution II) by The Cinematic Orchestra

As I've said in my previous post, I've been meeting some very interesting people lately. I don't often go thru a run of shooting men, but at this time, at least within the last 2 months, this will be the third gentleman I've photographed. There are similarities and differences as to why I might want to select a person to photograph, between men and women. I haven't thought about it profoundly, but initially, I found with men, I see characters. Whether from my own past, books or movies, I usually picture a man not only as he really is, but a character from my mind. Sometimes there are who I imagine, sometimes not at all. However, with all of my sittings, I do allow for a collaboration to take place. At least I think so in my head. I guess you would have to ask my subjects how much they feel they have inputted into one of my portraits.


This was the first plate of our session. I honestly knew after seeing it appear thru the fixer that I could stop right then and there. In all, we did 3 plates, one I felt was a bit too contrived, then another I felt was honest and true. But this first image is for me, most certainly the one.

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