October 17, 2013


Music | Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus

I can't convey the feeling I had when the image came up. There was no build up... As soon as the developed plate hit the fixer, I saw my blacks the way blacks are supposed to be. My over 6 week issue of extreme flat plates is over and again, at least until I have to mix up another batch of collodion, I can shoot plates with a tonal range that I feel comfortable with.

I just met Aster at the beginning of our shoot. She unfortunately did some damage to her ankle and couldn't move around too much, but was a great trooper. After 3 plates and a few digital images in between, we were done.

A huge weight has finally been lifted off my back. I can't believe how satisfying the sigh of relief was for me. It is time to move ahead... again.

2013-10-16 Aster

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