March 22, 2014

Samantha and Aimeelisa

Music | Message in a Bottle by The Police

So time is running and I have two solo shows to prepare for. One opens at the beginning of June and the other in September. I'm no where near what my expectations where when I received noticed that I had procured the exhibitions. However, yesterday was a good one in that, not only did I figure out my newly created Polaroid camera was going to work out, in fine fashion, I also was able to add to the archive, 2 more ambrotypes for the show in June.

Samantha and Aimee came to the studio to sit for me. The 8x10 glass plates are still a huge challenge, but I'm slowly figuring out some of my problems. I just have to make sure to stay busy to make sure I can learn from my mistakes, instead of making them over and over again. Seems to me that I need to have repetition work for me, to keep my skills honed and to adapt from the problems I have.



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