May 24, 2014

Digital? wtf?

Music | Flowers in December by Mazzy Star

It is been a crazy busy month of shooting and framing and more shooting. And with all the craziness going on, I've managed to work on quite of few ideas, which started into a new series, digitally captured to my surprise. I was able to get a iPad mini, thru selling some dear to my heart items, and few sales . I have to say, this has been on of my more important purchases in a very long time. Along with being connected with a larger screen than my phone, the ability to write, edit photos and most surprisingly of all, shoot. I'm obviously not the purist that I once felt I was, though my roots will continue to run deep.

With the iPad and a few apps, I can shoot, edit, upload without every having to touch a self contained camera or computer. I have only basic apps and nothing of special note, but I will search in hopes to find something unique. I would like to make the mini more substantial somehow, better hand hold ability, tripod mountable and maybe even a dark cloth. Prints are not going to be huge from this way of shooting, but the spirit of my imaginings are being carried forth in such an elegant and simple manner.

I'm shooting plates and Fuji Instant film as well and will continue to do so. Making prints will become a priority as well. It is a good year!

The freedom I am allowed since being confined to the studio for my personal work has been refreshing. Looking forward to more progess...

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