October 28, 2014

Jump Start

Music | Damaged by Plumb

I feel the need to go back. In time, technique and general mindset. As the namesake of this blog, Tabula Rasa, I need to clear the slate, start over. It has been nearly 5 months since the opening of my solo exhibition in June and I haven't felt on track. I've been trying to stay busy and shoot, which is good, but I'm moving in directionless motion.

I look back to a time where I felt like this before and made a 2 day assignment of using a café to shoot portraits. One camera, a normal lens, black background and a reflector. I think I shot 25 portraits. Looking back, that was a courageous thing for me to do. I remember feeling a lot more distressed than I do now, so it only makes the follow thru that much more meaningful.

I'm not sure what it is that is bothering me about my work, being an artist, living my days. The other day, in my meandering style of shooting, I went out to Sauvie Island. This was not necessarily out of my comfort zone, but not something I do often. It felt new, and good. The fact that I contemplated the experience to be a good thing was a bit revelatory. A few days earlier, I was besides the St. Johns Bridge as the wind blew and the rain started. I just had the phone camera with me, but again, I thought about my immediate experience and how right it felt.

I'm not sure how far off the path I will go, photographing the things I do, the way I do it. But it is certain that in my brain, I know of a few important paths I need to go with...

Kate at Sauvie Island

Rain... St. John's Bridge

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