March 16, 2015


Music | Here's That Rainy Day by Bill Evans

Been almost a month since the opening of Haute Couture Botanique. It is interesting how the time has gone by progressing up to the opening and how I moved on after the opening. I gave myself a week to come down, to have the idea of having nothing in my head to think about and let the nature of things have it time with me. I think I needed that. As the energy of preparing, then being in the midst of the show, then coming down waned, new ideas and thoughts just naturally started to come in to my head. I know I've been riding this wave of staying creative for a long time. I don't question or doubt it. I'm just happy.

So the opening of Haute Couture Botanique was just a wonderful time. The people, energy and honestly, the genuine sincerity was over whelming. Everything from the hanging of the images, the pre shoot of the models and art, the quick ramp up of people suddenly arriving all at once, to the giveaways, the meeting of friends and new friends couldn't have gone any better. Those moments are quick and fleeting, but memorable. Both Françoise and I were overwhelmed by the support we received in those 3 short hours. Thank you!

So in the last 10 days, I bought not 1, not 2, but 3 cameras. I can't believe the luck I had! Just simply crazy... One was a Craigs List find - an 8x10 Burke and James and the other 2 from a flea market/garage sale at New Space Photo. There, I got a beautiful Yashica Mat LM and a Graflex RB Series D 4x5. The shutter will need work, but for the price, even if it doesn't work, I will make a great profit from the lense that came with it. I also sold my Sinar 4x5 and a 90mm Schneider Super Angulon.

Earlier today, I finally got back to shooting more Wet Plate Collodion. After months and months of issues and not being able to shoot any, today I broke thru with 3. So happy to get back into the mix! And... just this evening, I processed my first batch of 8x10 negative film I shot with the Burke and James. I'm feeling great that I can process the film right here, instead of having to send it out!

Lastly, Françoise and I are working with a fashion designer of amazing talent. I saw her work online and was immediately taken by this woman's work. We had our first meeting yesterday and planted seeds to see in what direction we will collaborate. We are all of us excited to be working with each other.

What a great start to 2015!!!

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