July 23, 2015

Moving to Another Dimension...

Music | To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

The move to shoot 8x10 has been exciting, especially since I just finished my first shoot of meaning with it. I am not confident to the point of not backing up the shoot with digital, but merely pulling the beast out behind the initial digital shoot for colour for Françoise was a little stressful. I found an amazing location, which was a ground floor parking garage in thee trendy neighborhood of Portland. Fortunetely, our shoot started early enough on a Sunday morning, we didn't have too much of the public to deal with.

After seeing the initial results of what we shot digitally, I was excited to see what the film would look like. Not so much as to compare, but what look the big format would portray. Initially, the digital 100mm wide open compares well to the 8x10 360mm. But there is a subttleness I can't define yet, but discernable. I do know in spirit, I have so much satisfaction with the image I shot on film. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact I am shooting on film and that I am brought back to the pre digital days where experience and knowledge were king. There is significant emotional value in returning to that era. Does that make the photography even better. I think it does!

8x10 Ilford Delta

Digital File Converted to Black and White


Paul Cunningham said...

I'm looking forward to seeing a contact print!

Fuelfed said...

Even with viewing on the web, I can see a tonal dimensionality that is lost with sharp edged digital. Film seems to capture the subtle spirit of the moment better.

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