July 21, 2015

Saving Memories...

Music | Start Shootin' by Little People

I finished up a one month + visit with my daughter, who I don't get to be with often enough. Living over 2800 miles away, makes things very difficult. I make the best of my visits as I can.

One of the important things I've always understood about photographs is how they can stabilize memories. The visual reference of a time, place and people within the photograph is a deposit in the memory bank where merely looking at that image brings back so many feelings of the moment, you don't ever want to lose them.

I don't try and go out to create these moments, but I know with every visit with my daughter, they will happen naturally and hopefully be captured in an image. With my own memory, I know my brain has allowed remembrances difficult. Having the idea that age plays a roll in that doesn't help me deal with this issue. I can only do what I know how and try to hold onto my past, my memories as with the moment, all we have otherwise is our past...

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