February 21, 2016

Building an Ultra Large Format Camera

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Lately, there have been a good amount of posts of people who are making ULF cameras, anything larger than an 8x10. It never occurred to me that maybe I could build one as I felt it was way out of my skill level. Not only that, cost for film is just outrageous and how would I ever be able to process a 16x20 or 20x24 sheet? But with the thought of paper negatives, X-ray film and Direct Positive Paper, the idea of being able to create native images Big is turning my head and the idea is intriguing me more.

I am starting to realize I don't need a fully functioning camera in the traditional sense. I won't be shooting wide ranging subject matter of landscapes to close ups, but more simply, 1/2 to 3/4 shots of a body. One of the hardest parts of building such a camera would be eliminated, knowing what it will be used for. I will have to figure out what lense I will be using and factor the general distance I will be shooting from the subject. I can make a no bellows sliding box camera..

At this point, I am thinking in totally a naive perspective. In due time, I'll do some homework and see how feasible this idea is to construct. I have to admit, shooting 16x20 or even 11x14 is an exciting thought!

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joe baker said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting project. It's always good to rediscover a technique.

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