February 01, 2016

What is Beautiful...

Music | Resolution by Thievery Corporation

I'm sitting here wondering what to write because this image is having an enveloping play with my brain. I often get to a point where I know if I think about it hard enough, I will be able to verbalize some nuances of my thoughts. Sometimes, I don't care and admire it and let it go. It is a beautiful image for right now, just for the sake of beauty.

This is Beautiful...

I don't always have the need to express in words what I feel. I don't have art speak on my mind hardly ever anyway. I've been told that is important to be able to speak about your work. I have enough of a hard time to even come up with an artist statement, let alone talk about specific work and how it relates to me. I am working on it though.

Today, I don't give a fuck. I post this image out into the world because I feel like it.

Fuck you.

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