August 19, 2016

Sometimes Passion Wins Out...

Music | Days to Come by Bonobo

It was so logical to sell the 1983 Volvo Wagon with over 300,000 miles. Manual windows, no AC, a seriously wore out drivers seat, and refinements that were 30 years old... The Subaru... everything works, auto everything, a moon roof to die for, AC, decent gas mileage... However, the Volvo is just more me. It makes me work, it makes know that I am driving a unique vehicle unlike any other car I have driven. It has personality, soul. So I switched vehicles on Craigslist after a week and the Subi sold the next day. To show you how the Volvo has personality, I found it needs a new clutch. No doubt a statement for putting it up for sale in the first place.

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