July 25, 2016

The Moment...

Music | As the Rush Comes by Motorcycle

As I finish processing some sheet film, they are in the dryer right now, I am reminded of the days when I was learning how to develop my own film in college. The excitement that built up when pulling the reels out of the tank after the fix to see if there was an image was always there. This was the moment that brought me back to the very first time... I still get that excitement!

Before that, the anticipation came from dropping off your film to the camera or drug store. Back then, 1 week to 10 days turn around time was the norm. And black and white always took longer because maybe they hand processed those. I can remember still at the register paying for the photos I had all ready started to go thru them. 2 piles... winners and really bad ones.

I am thinking that some moments you have to pay for, whether that be monetary or with time and effort. I get not nearly the satisfaction of opening files on the computer, manipulate and save... Where is the joy? Immediacy was supposed to be a good thing, but I am just not so sure...

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Paul Cunningham said...

So, did you develop film today?

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