September 09, 2016


Music | Dusk You and Me by Groove Armada

I've been dumped by Facebook again. 3 days. I think it is fucked up how they allow you to read and still get all the bullshit advertising, but cannot post. I opted to deactivate my account during my sentence, which has again been a good thing. Happened a few times before and I always feel more participitory with my daily life. A good thing...

My crime was again, a breast. 2 breasts this time as I remember the last time it was only one. I still get the same sentence though. The thing about this time was I posted a link to this blog. My last entry. It used to be that FB allowed you to choose which image from that blog would accompany the link. I did not get that option this time, so I just went with the flow.

Fuck you to Facebook and the person who reported it.

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Paul Cunningham said...

It's totally fucked up. And it is specifically female nipples. Nipples never hurt anyone.

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