December 31, 2016


Music | Hollywood by Rufus and Chaka Khan

2016 has brought on so many changes, firsts, surprises, reflection... and some heartache too.

This is the year that probably added years to my health and life with the diagnoses of having diabetes. With help from great friends and this community, I've managed to make some changes in my daily habits to try and control this altering disease, with positive results. Thank you.

With all the things happening this year, different and new, my general view of things has shifted. I found out his year that the people on television are no longer in my age bracket. It was pointed out to me that they are at least a generation apart! WTF! Middle age, a decade away from for some folks, an elder. With that, and with some forced grace, I am my Father, my Mother and from when I was younger, all of the people who were older than me. With the responsibility of being a good person and role model, I am moving straight ahead to enjoy what life has to offer with more lust and vigor.

2016 is the year that I met my sweetheart, Vicky Chamberlain, who has showed me miracles can still happen, when the idea of having a commited relationship has long disappeared from hope. I love you and thank you.

Another year gone by... I wish for all of you, enlightenment and a life prospering future.


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