April 12, 2006


Possibly being on the heels of my commission from yesterday, I felt celebratory today and decided to get out this evening. I called a few friends, no answer or whatever and decided to go out alone.

I've been wanting to get a book on my list for over 3 months called, Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers by Leonard Koren. Powells is a great book store and has a massive collection. I don't often come to the area, but the evening was a night to walk. I parked a few blocks away, took in the scents of nearby restaurants, viewed people meandering about, felt the nice cool air only special evenings can bring. Having found my book, I checked out the lacking magazine section... I did manage to find another want, a Asian Culture Quarterly called Theme. Wonderful imagery, well written, but a design that screams it wants to be modern. I'm finding I do really enjoy it, for the little time I've had it.

Things are quieting down at that point, but I decided to hit a café. I guess I'm notorious for being at cafés... I find one close to China Town on 5th and Couch. I feel like everyone's Daddy in there, but I'm comfortable enough to enjoy the best Americano I've had in a long time and read my book. Somewhere between the many passages I read, I stopped to notice my situation at that very moment. Among a crowd of younger folks, listening to some electronica that I can even relate to, late into the evening I realize I'm really lucky to be in my situation. I could always use more money, more time more this and that... but I can stop and think that I live a pretty good life. My moment, at that moment defines a good life. I was able to stop and realize that.

I need more commissions...

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