April 03, 2006


Quite a few years ago, I stepped into this dive of a restaurant to get out of the house and get a bite to eat. It wasn't the type of place like a diner that had a lot of character and history behind it. There weren't middle aged women named flo or betty in white uniforms with caps on their heads to serve as hair pieces... No, this place was just a thrown together eatery where the service mostly sucked and the food just average. I could tell you what brought me there, but I don't want to bore you with my personal life... Anyway, I sit and from behind the counter comes out a waif, but with lots of attitude. She wore these rectangular black block glasses that made her also look very bookish. Each part of her being was a contradiction into itself, which made her all the more intriguing.

Fast forward about 2 and 1/2 years, by which this time we knew each other. We had planned to get together so I could photograph her for almost that same amount of time. I was at a cafe, not your typical cafe, mind you... Anyway, she steps thru the door with the same bookish glasses and a bike helmet. She wasn't so thin and frail looking, much more like an athelete. Some small talk and up to this point, the most commited commitment to get together for that portrait session.

Finally, maybe another 6 months go by and she is at the studio, in from riding her bike with a torn tee shirt and combat pants with a bag, a black bag filled with various clothing, make up and a few hair accessories. I wasn't aware of the transformation that would take place. As up to this point, you know already I am somewhat captivated by this person, I was not expecting to be this much in awe when she stepped on set after doing her makeup and a change of cloths.

I'll say nothing more...

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