April 12, 2006


I almost have forgotten what it is like to get a commission for my art. I had a meeting with a woman who heard about me from a commission I got last year. I love word of mouth promotion. All ready they have heard good things about me and my work where I don't have to concentrate on selling myself and art. The drive out to the outskirts of town was lovely. 85% back roads over a small pass with little cars to fight with on the roads. It is a path I've never taken before but won't soon forget.

The woman's home was absolutely beautiful. Understated, but elegent with a profound sense of zen through out the grounds. Amazing bamboo trees, Japanese elms, cherry blossoms everywhere... I just hope that the weather will cooperate where I can shoot outside.

I love when I get along with my clients. We ended up just hanging out in the kitchen talking for the next 45 minutes. I walked out with my deposit, but most of all, an ego boost that I've needed for awhile.

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