May 10, 2006


I picked up the print from my lab yesterday afternoon. I've had battles with this lab in the past, but for the past 2 years, I've been really happy with what I've been getting back. I have a good dialogue with the 2 main printers there and they are slowly learning how I like a print to look. However, having prints done for my clients and having prints done for myself was going to be measured. I haven't gotten a lot of my personal photographs printed by them. I was setting myself up for a letdown, but to my pleasant surprise, I was ecstatic to see the print. Viewing on screen just doesn't hit home like viewing a print, in your hands, feeling the paper.

On another note regarding prints, I just viewed the largest photograph I have ever gotten printed. It measures 36 x 24 with the image being rougly 27 x 18. The print has the edges deckled and floats inside a matte, framed in a 2 inch wide black wooden frame. I stopped by the printers to view this beomoth before being shipped to my client in Minnesota. Though I hate to admit this, size matters... I was taken aback after seeing it for the first time, especially since this print was framed and in its final iteration. Next stop it will hang somewhere and admired on the walls of my clients choosing.

I am a happy boy...

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