May 13, 2007

Quiet Before the Storm

Music | Ballad for Old Souls by Muhal Richard Abrams

It is nice to have social obligations now and then. Lately, I've been attending gatherings, events, meetings and such. Much more the usual for me, especially at this time of the year.

My work load is light, but seems heavy with the happenings going on. I have managed to work up jobs that have come thru, only because I've been more diligent and particularly focused. I've got a work load coming up in few months that I have not seen the likes of. I'm confident I can manage thru it, but at that time, I'll be going thru some new software explorations that will also be necessary for me to get thru my work flow. Why not push the learning curve up front to now, you ask. That would be the easy way out... besides, I need to have the pressure of job situations for me to get motivated.

I am quite excited to have one of the busiest summers as far as I can remember. Lots of challenges and the new experiences of growth. It is gonna be a great year!

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