June 01, 2007

Friday Morning at the Café...

I come here now and then, often seeing attractive women, sitting, chatting, reading. What struck me initially about this one woman was her demure nature.

Then... then... then, she crosses her right leg over her left, exposing her inner thigh under her pink and yellow skirt. She is pointing her left knee just to my right, so I have this lovely view. She wears sensible sandals standing on the balls of her feet, strutting her amazing calf muscle.

She types away at her computer, pausing now and then to think. She now sits flat footed, straddling the chair, pushing down her skirt between, very lady like in such an un-lady like stance. But I can still appreciate the view.

She sits in the corner of the cafe, along the front where the large paned glass sits, beyond and to my left. The sun reaches thru the trees outside and finds its way to dance on her head, exposing highlights in her dark brown hair. Still every now and then as she sits, she raises to the balls of her feet, again exposing those great calves. Her knees move in and out, raising and lowering the height of her skirt.

I wonder what she is typing on her computer. Judging from my view, I have an idea...

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