June 14, 2007

growing up...

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There are moments when I get hit upside the head about things that are obvious. I don't need any reminders that I am a father to a fantastic kid. More fantastic in fact than I will probably ever know.

Today, at 9 a.m. began Dara's class event, a celebratory graduation of sorts. She was the last person to be honored. I'm standing at the back, looking on with my point and shoot. I snap off a few frames but got really emotional. As she stood there in front of the class, next to her teacher with her graduation cap on, I'm hearing all the great things she has accomplished and generally what a great person she is. What came over me was was a sensation that this is my daughter up there, learning, achieving and growing into her own person. I'm sad and happy at the same time. Happy and proud for her as she grows up, and sad for the same reason.

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Tim said...

Words like "poignant," phrases like "mixed feelings" were created for such moments as you felt at Dara's graduation. The mystery, which shouldn't be a mystery since all families share it: as a child grows into herself, she grows away from her parents, yet becomes them, in the best and worst ways. And (thank God) becomes more than them.

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