August 02, 2007

Laying Down the Foundation

Music | Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan

Erio Mishima Photographié began in the fall of 2004 and enacted in 2005. The decision to start this new business was difficult for many reasons, but mostly because a large part of my life would have to be left at the side of the road as I try and move forward.

This year, 2007 has been fruitful. Thru sheer luck, a few early snap decisions, great people that I've networked with have culminated in a business that has kept me busy like I have not known for a long time.

This is all new territory and to make a business grow is not without many fears. I'm all ready thinking about 2008 and how I can try to ensure at least the same amount of business as this year. One thing I've never done is to spend money on advertising. My deadlines for 2 venues that I've decided upon was within a day. I did have the forethought to hire a copywriter. Angel Menchaca of Serif Design came thru with a brilliant piece of writing to help me with my ad in My Portland Wedding which can be seen here.
The same copy will also be published along with some of my photography in The 2008 edition of Oregon Bride Wedding Guide.

As Erio Mishima Photographié continues to grow, I'm looking forward to the new challenges that I become faced with. I want the foundation to be strong, so I won't have regrets in the future.

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