June 27, 2011

Artistic Summit

Music | Next Girls by The Black Keys

I look forward to when Ray throws down with his amazing lasagne, with folks bringing various libations such as unheard of Single Malt Scotchs, amazing beers and wine. Tonite will be such a night with various photographers attending, bringing in their latest creations where we talk about photographs, art, and whatever else that gets thrown into the mix. Intelligent artists who are proven creators get together and just discuss, and enjoy the company of each other. There is always lots of thoughts that come out of these meetings.

Tonite I'll have 5 pieces to show. Freshly printed, I'm looking forward to showing the work...

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Christopher Perez said...

I hope things went well a Ray's.

I've been following the wet plate process a bit now and really like how the surface of the image is textured by the gel. The imperfections have a quality to them that's, well, artistic. Add an interesting subject and good lighting, et voila! Excellent images.

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