January 11, 2012


Music | In a Sentimental Mood by The World Saxophone Quartet

Seems I have reached ground zero and all my tests have come out with a positive outcome. Current collodion and developer, a darkroom that is actually dark, strobe equipment with enough power to gain me correct exposure, even though I'm sitting on the bottom end. I know I can accomplish some things in the studio environment while it is cold and rainy outside. It has taken me months to reach this point and I'm quite excited about it.

I knew I wanted to get in a test to shoot a portrait, which is what I really wanted to do. The still lifes were good, but ultimately, I wanted to get a person in here and see what I could accomplish. Sherry, a long time muse was available to come in short notice and spend a few hours with me. 4 exposures and in the end, 4 useable plates... This one however was both our favorite.

It will be nice to get a bigger light source with more power, but as I said, I'm happy to be where I am at. I'm sure there is room to push the envelope a little wider.

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Nice one, T!


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