January 21, 2012

R.I.P. Asta

It's been a few days, but I write this still with a heavy heart... Asta, beloved companion for close to 15 years had to be put down for health issues. Until dementia started to settle in, he had the spirit of a puppy. Always curious, playful and friendly, his sense of adventure always made him special.

Asta wasn't a ball or bone chaser. He was a master squirrel stalker, never flat out chased them, but got close enough to get really close enough to get them. But he was no killer, the chase was his forté. He had trail blazing abilities second to none. Walks thru Forrest Park led to him being gone for a time period until he decided to come back, bristles and cuts all over his body, but with a huge smile on his face. That was his time and his time alone. We still don't know what went on while he was out there.

As a puppy, before we became owners of him, he was fed sugar cubes and left in the bathroom because it was said he was just too wild. And while it seemed to take us over 2 years to somewhat manage him, he always seemed thankful for us and Ruby for taking him in.

I'll miss you so, Astaboy...

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