January 09, 2012

The Squash

Music | Harmonique by John Coltrane

I wish I could bottle the feeling I have when I complete a Wet Plate session and I've rendered at least one great image. I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and leaves me in some state of euphoria. The only problem is that I want to keep going and produce more images and see where it takes me.

The end of the year has been tough in that I couldn't shoot outside where my main light source is, because of inclement weather - rain, colder tempuratures and overcast skies. I have been able to finagle what I was hoping was going to be enough indoor light, but realized my colodion had aged to a point where it became unusable.

It is great to have friends who share the love and know the feeling one gets by producing images. Both Ray Bidegain and Brandon Fernandez graciously gave me some chemicals needed so I could test my indoor lighting to see if I could produce an image. If it weren't for these to gentleman, I would not have made the last 2 images posted along with the one here. Thanks guys!

Latest wet plate, photographed last night after midnight. Noticed I had about a 1/3 power over, so it is nice to know I have a tiny bit of leeway.

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