March 13, 2012


Music | Can't Take it In by Imogen Heap

I've begun my push within my time constraints to get as much work as I can get done. Just under 2 weeks where the dining room of the house turns into a studio and the bathroom turns into a darkroom. I ended up creating a few epic pieces that I really liked the last time I did this, so I'm hoping to just keep that flow going this time around.

We're almost all ready in the middle of March and I'm hoping that we have a real spring and summer this year. Though I do enjoy shooting indoors with the strobes, I'm again looking forward to getting back to the outdoor studio along with getting some location shoots in as well.

Today, the second day into my project, I knew I needed to get some plates shot to decipher whether or not my chemicals were usable or not. It was nice to nail the 2nd plate for exposure and get 3 out of 4 usable plates. Tomorrow I continue and shoot another portrait.

I've got tomorrow lined up for another portrait, and a few days next week as well. As with one of my early wet plate projects, the shoot with the floral head pieces and Cain, I'm feeling good about this project. Though it is much less structured, so long as I keep shooting and pushing myself, I'm feeling good.

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Looking forward to the works, Ted!


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