March 06, 2012

Exhibition at the Artist Repertory Theatre

Music | Star Eyes by Bill Evans

I had roughly a week to put together images for submission to a group show that would accompany a David Mamet written play, Race. The venue would be at the Artist Repertory Theatre, brought together by the Open Door Gallery. This would be one of the biggest shows I would be a part of, so I was quite excited to try and be a part of it.

Though I didn't have all the necessary incidentals for presentation, I had determined I'd get it done no matter what. Fortunately, my photo gods fell into place and I picked up a few commissions to purchase frames, glass, mattes and boards. With an hour to spare, I promptly dropped off my work. Unfortunately, I didn't write a bio or description of my work and how it pertained to the show itself. That evening, I wrote the following...

Ted Mishima - Photographer. Studied at University of Illinois at Chicago. Lives in Portland, Oregon. Divorced. From Chicago, Illinois. Born on December 10

Since taking up photography seriously in the early 80's, photographs of people have always interested me. Being able to capture a moment in the life of someone and have it tell a story thru time - minutes, hours, days, months, years just seemed magical to me.

Having grown up in a diverse and unique area of Hyde Park, in Chicago, IL., I didn't have to deal with racism until I left to go away to college. Everyone I knew lived no more than a few blocks from people of different ethnicity's Conflicts never arouse because of the colour of skin.

But as Dr. Seuss puts it, “Adults are just obsolete children...” The simplicity of life became more complicated and the issues of black and white and my relationships with people of "colour," black, white, and other ethnicity's became more sensitive.

In a profound aesthetic, I imagine all my photographs of people I may have been trying to decipher the differences of people. In the end, I don't think it is the differences that matter, but the similarities.

I just found out today, all 5 of my submissions made it into the show... The play opens this Friday, opening to the artwork will be determined...

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