March 21, 2012


Music | Name Taken by Massive Attack

For this series, I was fortunate enough to photograph 2 photographers whom I hold esteem to in high regards. Both are older than I, have much more experience in the world of photography, and put out amazing work.

Dennis Purdy, I've known for maybe the last 4 years through introductions from a large format group that used to meet once a month in Portland. His artistic vision is far beyond my own, but within the grasp of my own imagination - Meaning, his work, though on a higher plateau than I am accustomed to, I still get it. There is sincerity and honestly in what he tries to accomplish that makes it accessible.

I've known of Jamie Bosworth for almost as long as I have been living here in Portland. After being introduced to the photography community, Jamie's name was always passed around as being one of the finest journalistic photographers in the city. Paying great attention to detail of her weddings, she captures truth and beauty on a consistent basis with the sensitivity only a journalist has.



Both Dennis and Jamie will die with cameras in hand. Always shooting and creating is what I hope to emulate from these 2, as great examples to follow.

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ray bidegain said...

Nice work Ted, they look powerful.


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