October 10, 2012


Music | Basique by Little People

Just got back from Chicago. The city becomes even more amazing when you go back and go thru your existence as you did from your memories. The weather is a typical day of coolness, a bit of a bite in the air. Colours of the trees were starting to change. Nothing like Chicago in autumn.

On this great visit, I met up with a gent I haven't seen in close to 30 years, another 2 that I haven't seen in over 15. As time flies by, my relationships with people start to have more meaning, with the time of shared paths of our past. I guess this is what happens when you get older. I can see now where wisdom starts to set in, at least in respect to some things...

I revisited old haunts and discovered new ones. I tasted the ambrosia from when I was a child, teen and thru my time up until I left Chicago over 13 years ago. Eyes of the city thru the CTA was magnified - it's a great way to get to know the neighborhoods and some nuances if you look.

I've had my visits back to Chicago often over the years, but this one, my shortest stay has had a big effect on me. I'm still sorting out why. One thing for sure... I am older and the city has changed, perspectives have changed, but I still think of it as my city.

Skyline from Lincoln Park

Jackson St.

Cermak St. Bridge over the Chicago River

The Loop

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